MSAD Conference

MSAD # 46 is committed to delivering instructional programs and services for teachers, students and parents. Our resources help to enhance both the academic and personal aspirations of our students. Over the years, our programs have resulting in generations of successful and happy graduates from our school systems.

Student Self-Motivation

Students in our program are self-motivated autodidacts. Our students are committed and dedicated to rising to the challenges of both academic pursuits and their civic duties. In our programs, students learn how to best communicate their ideas to produce quality work and fulfill their personal goals. Our students exceed  in their scholarly pursuits, their extra-curricular activities, and learn how to be responsible citizens . Our students are community leaders and role models both in their schools and in their communities.

The achievements and personal success of our student body is our mission. We aim to provide the best environment for which to learn for our student. To us, this learning environment is of the utmost importance. We inspire our students, challenge them, and encourage and help them to meet each and every one of their goals, whether it is applying to colleges or starting a community-improvement projects.

The support of our professors, the student’s parents, and the members of the surrounding community  Our teachers, parents and community members help us to close all the gaps in student excellence and help to ensure that all of our students make progress.

Read on to learn more about the programs we offer.

SAT Preparation

For upperclass students, we offer SAT preparation programs. If students have taken the SAT before, these courses guarantee an improvement in scores. If students have not previously taken the SAT, the program will familiarize students with the format of the test, as well as the test’s time constraints and guarantees an improvement between the first practice test taken and the first attempt at the SAT.

Peer-to-peer Student Tutoring

We offer a unique program for our students called peer-to-peer student tutoring. The philosophy behind these programs is that children learn from their peers, as well as teach their peers. This experience both builds self-esteem, and enhances the learning process for our students. Believe it or not, sometimes teaching something is the best way to learn it yourself. Over the years, we have found this resource to be immensely powerful. Consider signing up for this resource. It is offered throughout the school year, as well as in the summer and winter break. This is also a great way for students to continue learning and keeping up with their studies in the breaks. It is a fun and relaxed program for students to learn from each other.

Resources for Parents

We believe that parents are the student’s first, as well as the student’s more important teacher and guidance counselor.

In our programs, the student’s parents are of the utmost value to us. We believe that the most successful learning can be gained through strong connections with the student’s parents, as well as all community.

Parent Contributions

The parents of our student’s help to make sure that the highest level of student-driven learning are secured. These strong partnerships with our parents help our students to excel. The values and achievement of our school systems are due largely to our commitment to involving the student’s parents and their time spent volunteering.  By dedicating their time, talent, and resources to our programs, these connections with parents help to strengthen our programs.  We thank the student’s parents for their involvement, and extend the invitation to participate in our programs with open arms.

Parent Partnerships

Through volunteering to read to our students, be a guest speaker, assisting with Parent-teacher organization meetings, or serving on school improvement committees, the student’s of our parents have many volunteer opportunities.  We value and recognize the importance of these partner/school partnerships.

In addition to reviewing the many resources present on this website, parents are very much encouraged to get into contact with their children’s teachers and school administration for additional information about opportunities for parent contributions. We thank you in advance!

What Parents can do at Home to Ensure a Child’s Success

The website of Misunderstood Minds is a great resource for tips to help your child at home if they are struggling in any subject such as mathematics, reading comprehension, or writing skills.

Some additional tips are:

-Read to your child at home

-Help them with their homework

-Designate a study space within your home for your child

-Take your child to the local library and spend some time picking out books and additional learning materials. The librarians can help to offer some suggestions for your child

-For older students, help them to become involved in local peer-to-peer tutoring programs. Teaching and learning from a peer is a great way to help your child learn.